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France Calls for 'Immediate' UN Security Council Meeting on Aleppo

3 days ago

France called for an “immediate” UN Security Council meeting on Aleppo to tackle the “humanitarian disaster” in the besieged Syrian city.

Trump warns he might ‘terminate’ U.S. outreach to Cuba

3 days ago

President-elect Donald Trump warned that he would “terminate” U.S. diplomatic and economic outreach to Cuba unless Havana undertakes unspecified steps to benefit its people, Cuban-Americans and the Unite

King Abdullah of Jordan: Donald Trumps presidency will change the status quo

3 days ago

Jordan’s King Abdullah believes Donald Trump’s presidency will shake up the Middle East and ‘change the status quo.”
In an interview with ABC’s Lateline, the King said that Trump’s Presidency could be a game changer for the region.

Russian Activists Say Prison Torture Widespread

5 days ago

Prominent Russian rights activists said Monday that torture is widely used in a northern penal colony, citing fresh allegations after claims from a jailed opposition member serving a sentence there.

Ildar Dadin, who is serving two-and-a-half years in